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Utilitaire d'activation de licence réseau d'AutoCAD 2008

Developer Autodesk

Easiteach Starter Licence

Developer RM plc

Easiteach Geography Licence

Developer Research Machines plc

Easiteach Geography is available as an upgrade that can be added to an existing Easiteach Studio installation. Easiteach Geography tools are ...

Easiteach Science Licence

Developer Research Machines plc

Easiteach Science provides powerful resources for whole-class teaching, and is designed to help ...

Easiteach Literacy Licence

Developer Research Machines plc

Easiteach Literacy provides an additional set of tools which are designed specifically to support the teaching of literacy at word, sentence and ...

Licence Protector

Developer Mirage Computer Systems GmbH

Licence Protector can generate demo and time-limited licenses for your programs. This can be used to distribute your ...

Antenna Magus Floating Licence Manager

Developer Magus (Pty) Ltd

This floating licence manager application is required to administrate floating licences on an Antenna Magus floating licence ...

PC Machine Edition

Developer ESA elettronica

PC Machine Edition is a Runtime PC licence for any application. The program is a Runtime licence that allows to run on PC any project made in the ...

Licence Protector - Automatic Generator

Developer Mirage Computer Systems GmbH

Dashboard Discovery (Agent)

Developer Licence Dashboard Ltd

Total visibility of your software assets is a good starting point for any organisation trying to establish a long-term Software Asset Management ...

Year 9 Interactive Maths (Second Edition) - Home Licence

Developer mathsteacher.com Pty Ltd.

Year 9 Interactive Maths Software (Second Edition) you can viewing chapter screen shots by clicking the chapter ...

Licence Dashboard

Developer Licence Dashboard Limited

Created to meet the needs of small to medium-sized organisations with less than 500 seats, Licence Dashboard Standard ...

Licence Monitor

Developer Orcina Ltd

The Orcina Licence Monitor (OLM) is a service that monitors the current number of OrcaFlex licences claimed on a ...

Licence Master

Developer dotcomsoftwaresolutions

Licence Master is a licence management application for software developers and vendors who wish to protect web applications from ...

Licence Manager versão Licence Manager

Developer AppelSoft Informática